Saturday, 27 December 2008

Domination at the Glory Hole

"Violent narcissist seeks same" the personal ad read. She had also circled another one "Arrogant, self-hating narcissist seeks same."
The fat veiny erection slowly poked through the crudely carved glory hole. It looked like a blind, probing alien tentacle, she thought as she began sucking it zealously. Through the thin cubicle wall she could hear the satisfied moans of her anonymous punter.
It didnae take long before a jet of semen sprayed all over her cute, cringing face.
As slowly as it had emerged, the cock retreated now, wilting slightly.
The shy doofus cackled like a witch. He had been perving for the last half fucking hour, nervously tousling his long blonde hair, fondling his ridiculous genetalia.

As she sucked, she pondered the events that had led to this scenario. The viscious gleam in her uncle's eyes as he unbuckled his belt. Her mother's subsequent hysterical and stubborn denial of certain events.

The simpereing fool gazed at her, smiling self-consciously. She experienced a sensation akin to infinite loathing.

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