Thursday, 8 September 2011

The Existence of 4pm

It was not 4pm; it was later than 4pm, this was apparent. The evidence was varied - the hue of the sky, the chill in the air. The grass was cold, becoming damp.
(you are served food at the juncture whereby your hunger is no longer existent, the nights are drawing in, wind and whisky, other observable phenomenon)
We had to hurry up and play some more before the driver came to collect the apparatus. We sensed his arrival to be imminent.
Enjoyment of the apparatus within the preallocated time-frame was of paramount importance. It could not be underplayed or understated.
(his most inspired thoughts arrived on the verge of slumber)
Autumn occurred. Quite suddenly. He began striving to achieve an economy with regard to speech and actions.
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