Tuesday, 29 September 2009

It was a sunny afternoon in autumn. I decided to go out for an amble in a bid to ward off suicidal thoughts. Exercise would elevate my endorphin levels and prevent me from entertaining these thoughts.
If this sounds overly casual it's because it is. I experience these thoughts often enough to adopt a dismissive attitude towards them.
I walked through fields, past hills and derelict factories smothered in a feint drizzle.

At the entrance to the woods I was confronted by a gang of youths. They regarded me with cruel, feral faces.
One of them stepped forward and issued a denigration in crude slang. I muttered a sardonic reply, the content of which was not comprehensible to these youths but the tone of which they recognised as hostile.
Physical confrontation was imminent.
All of a sudden I noticed a familiar female figure standing off to one side, watching impassively. She was tall and full-figured with long blonde hair. She was dressed in athletic attire.
I felt unnerved and thus lacked confidence in my chances of victory in this skirmish. The youth's eyes flickered with violence and his tongue flecked over his lips. Most unsavoury.
Nevertheless some hidden depth of sheer anger afforded me the strength and stamina to beat him quite literally lifeless. I was perplexed by my victory. The other youths fled.
The female approached me and spoke.
"You felt certain you would lose and were hoping I might rescue you. Now you are confused and discombobulated, such is your low self-esteem. You feel semi-compelled to rape me but lack the demeanour to do so. Come with me."
I followed her into the woods.

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