Monday, 12 October 2009

The Disaffected Raj

Man Ah cannae be fuckin bothered wi the human race like. Ahm no bein funny like.
It's a right fuckin pain in the arse man, so it is, still at least I have the freedom and luxury to complain Ah mean it's no as if Ahm livin under military rule or in extreme poverty or some shite like that so count the auld blessings eh you count the auld fuckin blessings don't ye eh?
Ahm huvin a wee spell of bad luck the now but whit ye dae is ye count the auld blessings things'll pick up soon more than likely an in the meantime ye just act sober an responsible, respectable, ye dinnae behave like a puerile wee shite, nah, ye dinnae dae that likes. Cuz there's nae fuckin need for it, nane at all. Doesnay get ye anywhere man, aw it likely does is alienate ye fae cunts, ye need tae get along wi other cunts man, make allowances for them and that they're yer brothers make allowances for yer brothers. And sisters. Ooh aye yeh yer sisters oooh honey aw baby yeh baby ye just aw yeh hell yeh baby murmurin murmurin tae yerself pantin like a dug oh man oh geezus, the auld cock, it stiffens, ye need tae find a luscious lassie tae insert it intae. Aw man.
So Ahm a horny auld goat, nought wrong wi that is there? As long as ye dinnae become possessed wi cravings for the flesh man that could get unhealthy yeh.
Ah live in ma own wee melancholy world. Relish the solitude, so Ah dae. No like these needy cunts that need tae huv cunts aroond them the whole time. Fuck that man. No way kin Ah be arsed wi that. Ah kin be a bit quiet/standoffish so some cunts dinnae like me. Fair enough ma, ah dinnae really like some cunts. But Ah like maist cunts man Ahm an affable sort of chap truth be telt, when Ahm comfortable wi ma surroundings an who Ahm wi cuz the thing is man sometimes Ah get guy nervous, guy self-conscious, certain scenarios Ahm talkin aboot social situations that trigger this or even when Ahm alone sometimes Ah get anxious morose depressed et cetera.
Ah want tae use and abuse yon luscious wee lassie that's the sick truth ay the matter the savage fuckin truth, baby.

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