Thursday, 14 August 2008

With his shy four year old daughter, Billy decided to visit the pet shop. He pulled over and parked and together they went into the small building which lay between a hairdresser and a health food store.

Belinda was captivated by the hamsters. Billy watched her with fondness and recalled his own wretched youth, when he had owned a pet hamster named Mr Dink. That poor bastard had escaped and chewed through the goddamn electricity cable.
A sombre, preoccupied middle-age lady appeared and asked if they required assistance. Billy explained that they were just looking. The woman nodded and returned to the storeroom. Belinda continued to study the hamsters scurry around in their cages. She kept a light grip of her father's trouser leg, hesitant to move too close to the cage. Such a shy wee lassie, Billy thought with tenderness.
It was sunny outside. He yawned and itched his testicles. Then he set his mind to the problem of what to have for lunch. Tuna, he decided. Yeah... tuna...

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