Monday, 27 July 2009

Mature, Lonely, and Out of Control

Juanito's Spanish teacher had fallen in love with him. It was an extremely weird situation. She was a 37 year old married woman, he was a fresh faced man boy of the tender age of 26.
"Juanito!" she summoned him. He was out on the balcony immersing himself in the baking Madrid sun. He entered the cool air conditioned apartment, stroking his enormous bulging phallus.
She lay in repose on the Queen sized bed, nude. He climbed onto the bed, crawled over to her and placed his head between her open legs. Here lay the sublime secret of her cunt. He began lapping at it zealously until his tongue ached. She moaned and twitched and gasped.
After she came he masturbated over her titties.

Her husband eventually found out of course. He came across an utterly filthy text message Juanito had issued to his mature lover. He became so enraged he immediately took out a contract on Juanito's life.
Juanito fled. He had nowhere to go, no money. He spoke no Spanish. He ended up in Berlin park. He got roughed up by some thugs. In a moment of total despair he stripped naked and got into a fountain, immersing himself in the cold water, scooping together handfuls of one and two cent coins. He was apprehended by the police who roughed him up some more then tossed him in a cell.

Juanito was mercilessly bummed by a gaggle of leering idiots whilst in gaol. Afterwards he lay numb and confused, pondering the events that had landed him here. More than anything else he couldnae believe he'd bust a nut in a married woman's ass, in her marital bed nae less!

His lover came to visit him in gaol. She brought him a tin of Cherry Coke, his favourite beverage. He thanked her sincerely.
"There's some real demented pederasts up in this bitch," he informed her.
"They be going buck wild on my young ass," he said, lapsing into black slang for no discernible reason. She told him she regretted the way events had panned out.
"How's the husband?" Juanito inquired.
"Hard to say," she replied. "Last I saw him he was watching our old wedding videos whilst simultaneously crying and masturbating."

So now Juanito had a deep sense of guilt to contend with as well as endless bummings from the surly inmates. It was a situation that could only be described as utterly shit.

Juanito was eventually released. But he still had his lover's husband's hitman to consider.
He hid out on an old ranch in the Spanish countryside. Drank red wine till dawn. Slept during the day. Read philosophy. Affected a pious, sensible demeanour.
He was tracked down after three months and shot in the head.

His funeral was fairly well attended considering he had alienated most of his friends and family during his short hectic life. In keeping with his dying wishes, all funeral attendees were required to participate in a mass orgy whilst Juanito's corpse was lowered into the earth.
Some questioned how a man shot in the head, an abrupt death for sure, could have articulated any kind of dying wish. Others were less skeptical, more enthused at the opportunity to indulge in communal depravity.
Juanito's lover was exempt from the orgy. She poured Cherry Coke on Juanito's grave. Then she shat herself, accidentally.


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