Thursday, 16 July 2009

The Violet Skies of Madrid

Her dirty blonde hair. She pushed it away from the back of her neck so he could kiss her in this area.
A plump Labrador plodded into the room and looked at them. Swished its tail.

She got dressed. You look cool he told her. I am cool she said and leaped onto the bed to embrace him. In that moment he adored her completely.

They walked along the street under trees. He looked up and saw maroon leaves against a violet sky. These colours pleased him.
She said: "I like it when you touch me and I don't expect it."

Unfolding fragments of infinity. They lay on the grass in the park as it got dark.
"Do you still like me?" she asked. He assured her that he did.
"You are my edible, rapable, black Scottish man," she told him fondly. She caressed his lips.

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