Monday, 25 October 2010

Notebook Excerpt

'I'm so very amused by my own silliness,' the wealthy countess declared, fingering her vagina. She had just been devouring a packet of salt & vinegar crisps and felt rather chilly.
'Silly chilly willy!' she shrieked in a gorgeous cacophony. Guitars fan out across heaven.

'This is what you wanted right?' the American asked, a tremor of excitement shading his voice.
'Aye,' the wifey snapped and then yawned. Her voice was devoid of affect; she seemed morose.
'Ye sure now?' boomed Adam.
'Ah know.'
'Ah know anaw.'
'Aye right okay.'
'You write?'
'Naw... yeh... eh...'
Smirking and sniggering.

Sudden halt...
'Hus it burst?'
'Huv you burst?'
'Huv ye came?'

The nurses bring me my clementines after my nightly wank, offer my mushrooms except they're disguised as bananas.

U.S. in 80s

As confident & tender
as flies by the river
the dog groans & whimpers
whilst all the fat boys simper
& we sneer malevolently
like other philanthropists
before us
the U.S. in the 60s & 70s
was a hell of a mess
I'd love to confess
Ah wisnae there
Ah regret tae inform ye

New Poem

As my lips turn to leather
I remember I am made of purple
whilst I suck the cocks of all the
t-shirts I lost
& remember an overcast New York
The creeping weight of intellectuality
sometimes sublime
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