Monday, 8 December 2008


"She's a right show off, this one," the elderly gentleman with the camera murmured in a husky voice. The lassie pranced around precariously, nude save for a set of heels. The elderly gent had his flies open and his genitalia exposed.
Viewed through the night vision lens, the lassie's eyes beamed and skin took on a luminous green hue. She looked like a sexy green alien, the gent decided, squeezing his balls. He desired to sex her up, ravenous-style.
Two other gentlemen had appeared on the scene, seedy, shifty looking blighters. Quiet, bespectacled, brooding perverts. What had drawn them to this poorly lit supermarket car park? the gent pondered. And yet he was excited as very bad things were about to happen.
"Come on down here, babe!" he screamed suddenly. The lass obligated with this command and knelt before the elderly gentleman, who had a demented leer cracked across his wrinkled face by this point. He reached into his pocket and recovered a silver coin which he flicked in the air. The coin glinted in the casually cruel moonlight.
"Heads you lose, tails I win!" he screamed. He caught it and studied it closely, grinning perversely. "You just keep on losing, babe!" he shrieked.
And with that, he pissed all over her face.
Her face was drenched, warm urine trickled over her eyelids and lips. The spray refracted, splashing on the gent's trouser leg. The two other dudes were jacking off frantically.
The lass began sobbing, tears mixing with piss Jesus Christ this is sick what am I writing this stuff for what am I some kind of creep?
Here's what happened next: there was an explosion and everybody died! They all died! YES!
Just kidding. Nobody died. They all lived. They lived long, miserable, meandering lives, devoid of any kind of gratification or meaning.

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