Friday, 5 December 2008

Zombie Arcade (excerpt)


The arcade was full of mutated post-fallout zombies playing 80s style coin-op machines. They played with fierce concentration or else loitered around beside the machines looking wistful in a blank sort of way. The arcade pulsed with lurid colours and shrill video game sound effects. The zombies were dressed in human attire: lumberjack shirts, woolly cardigans and other types of clothes human beings may be wont to don. Here is another important fact about these zombies: they were capable of running extremely fast! Like, crazily fast. Shit's insane.


Josephine about-turned and blasted away the pursuing coin-op zombies with her sub-machine gun (which she had purchased in America). This feat accomplished, she inserted the barrel of the gun into her mouth and began stimulating fellatio or else perhaps performing an unorthodox weapons maintenance technique. Some mutant kids sprawled out on the sidewalk began whooping and hollering in celebration of this spectacle. Josephine flipped them the bird with supreme nonchalance.
"Drop doon and get yer eagle on, girl!" one of them squealed like that fag he was.

Post-fallout America was a magical place. Sure, there were coin-op arcade zombies that could sprint and there were effeminate mutant kids loitering on cracked, irradiated sidewalks. There were ruined gardens and toxic water supplies. But there was also a sense of liberty that was definitely absent before. It could be sensed in many ways, like masturbating in a deserted airport terminal at dawn, for example.

But the whole scene was eerie as hell. Which wasn't necessarily a bad thing. If you're into eeriness coupled with liberty. Which some heads are.
"How come yer wearin' pink shoes?" one of the kids asked Josephine.
"Cuz I'm a lesbian," she answered, sardonically.
"Gay bastart," muttered the kid. Josephine shot him in the shin. The kid shrieked and tweaked his nipples, which were exposed thru two convienantly cut holes in his tie-dye shirt.

In one town she rolled into, Josephine discovered a zombie punk band had formed and were playing a gig in a ruined arcade. Mutated boys and girls writhed around in bizarre, discomfittingdance routines. The band had named themselves the Mindless and seemed to be playing a semi-improvised squall. Josephine lingered at the back of the arcade, smoking.
Suddenly amongst the audience she spotted another survivor. A tall dude with boyish good looks and an impudent manner. She danced over to him, nae, pranced over to him and tried to lull him with some seductive moves. He seemed excited and perturbed but was ultimately shy and evasive. Undetterred, Joephine grabbed his crotch and stroked his member until it was good and firm. The dude grinned laconically. Josephine slowly fell to her knees and then unzipped the dude and took his pulsating member in the moist heaven of her mouth. The mutant kids formed a circle around them and, holding hands, skipped around them gleefully. The zombie rockers also seemed affected by this carnal spectacle as they took the music up a notch, whacking guitars against fizzling amplifiers. Josephine's head bobbed back and forth until she sensed she had reached the critical moment at which point she removed the dude's cock from her mouth and aimed it ceiling-ward. The dude groaned as he sprayed a thick jettison of semen in slow motion and it fell like confetti on the dancing mutant kids. The dude was grinning idiotically as he flashed a peace sign at no-on in particular. (Fade out)

Cut to an abandoned hospital ward. The dude is splayed out on a bed as Josephine bounces around on his rigid cock. The dude's eyes are rolled back to their whites and his jaw is locked, his mouth set in a feral grin. The ward is bathed in a spooky, irridescent light. Everything feels terminal. Once they've finished their deranged post-fallout sex, the pair shoot up some painkillers Josephine found in a cabinet and fall into a narcotic doze.

They awoke in an alien twilight. Consciousness seemed to creep up on them and then slowly ooze over them. They decided to roll on to the next town. The dude had a military jeep he had found amidst rubble, two skeletons propped up in the driver and passenger seats.
The drive was fairly uneventful. Josephine confessed to being bi-curious which prompted the dude to lapse into a contemplative silence.

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