Saturday, 1 August 2009

2053 (excerpt)

2053. America has been ravaged by a virus which has reduced the populous to a bunch of gibbering slobs. Depravity is rife. Ethics are archaic; baseness and cruelty have been revealed as the true, sickening core to human existence.
An ex-high school janitor wanders the wasteland, filled with murderous rage and vile lust. He comes across an orphaned fourteen year old lass, timid and shivering amidst debris. He grunts and gazes at her in sick speculation.
“shit yourself!” he commands. She does as instructed. “you sick little slut!” he snarls. Tears begin streaming from her haunted eyes.

Bi-polar gangbang. Gratuitous cruelty. Infinite humiliation. These are the searches he runs at a library computer terminal.

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