Thursday, 20 August 2009

Two Men Drinking Coffee

The serene man and the anxious man were drinking coffee in a shed. It was late morning in early winter. A plane passed overhead leaving vapour trails in the pale blue sky. The coffee was causing the serene man to be less lethargic.
The coffee was causing the anxious man to be less agitated and more focused.
So each man was being sufficiently medicated by his beverage.
There serene man took his with sugar, the anxious man did not. So who knows what will happen next. Very likely nothing much out of the ordinary unless one or the other of them wills it.
The anxious man willed it. He attempted to kill the serene man.
At first the serene man was incredulous. Then he became indignant and beat the anxious man with his fists until the anxious man was unconscious. Then he suddenly felt exhausted and had to take a nap. He removed his tennis shoes and climbed into a makeshift bed located within the shed.
He awoke several hours later to find the anxious man gone. Also missing were some pornographic posters that had been taped to the wall, posters belonging to the serene man.
"Shit," he cursed without much vehemence.

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