Thursday, 20 August 2009

The Pegadrift and Other Unconfigured Devices

It was essentially incomprehensible.
This was the conclusion of Juanito's report on the ineffable phenomenon of the 'Pegadrift' or what had come to be known as such.
Attempts to record its movements were extremely difficult. Examples include: grainy home video footage of sleet falling under a lamp post at night (the footage is slowed down), recorded TV documentaries from the early 1990s concerning emotional and mental disturbances.

So here I am, hold up in this shack, sifting through my findings. I have begun to consider the possibility that the Pegadrift is actually an unconfigured device. My methodology is so intuitive and cryptic even I do not profess to understand it.
Everyone I meet, everything I see is part of this vast chronic daydream. Its existence is dependent upon my sensory observation of it.

That night Juanito dreamed of melting ice sculptures and machines climbing out of the ocean.

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