Saturday, 12 December 2009

Carnal Configurations Carried Out, Codified Gestures Observed

Egon frowned as April crawled over to and moved the folds of robe away from his groin enabling her to envelope his flaccid penis in her mouth. She began fellating him quickly and eagerly, her mechanically bobbing head a ludicrous spectacle.
With disgust Egon pushed her away and she crawled off, her head still bobbing zealously until it connected with the wall which she continued to headbutt chirping over and over:
"Yur sooo ca-ute!"
With violent weariness Egon went over to her and located the reset switch at the base of her spine.
Her next utterance froze him instantly.
"How come ya cain't do it!?"
This phrase had never been programmed into her memory store.
It was at that moment that it occurred to Egon Spengler that his mechanised sex slave was developing sentience.

"Whatzat?" queried Ray Stanz belligerently, sipping from a can of Budweiser.
"It's nothing," responded Spengler, noticably irked. Ray was gazing at the android with a speculative expression dressing his childish features.
"Any chance for a a wee swatch of her bush, naw?" Stanz asked, suddenly affecting a colloquial Scottish accent for no discernable reason.
Egon didn't respond.
The novelty doorbell sounded.
Egon answered the door.
Pete Venkman sttod there, dishevelled in the pristine swollen night, wearing a trucker cap and a few days worth of stubble on his face.
"Hey man, what's up?" He was slurring only slightly.
"Come in," Egon said icily.

Ray and Peter traded insults and playful jabs whilst Egon sat at his desk massaging his temples. He wore a quietly stunned, violently morose expression.
Presently Winston Zedmore emerged from the attic bedroom wearing a loud dressing gown and carrying a stale smelling bong and baggie of marijuana.
"Hey dudes," he muttered lethargically, unconvincingly. He seemed to be addressing them from behind a screen or from a distant dream reality.
Winston set down his drug paraphernalia on the weathered coffee table and sauntered over to April who sat deactivated and motionless on the couch. He located the switch at the base of her spine and then parted the folds of the gown around his lap. April automatically grasped his erect member and issued a compotent handjob. Ray and Pete gazed at this spectacle in solemn speculation. Egon studiously avoided looking at anything in particular.

With a sudden start, a seeming surge of resolve, Ray Stanz got up and went over to April's prone form. He seemed harried and furtive as, fully clothed, he awkwardly mounted her and behan humping her. After a minute he ceased, slumped, exhausted. Pete Venkman looked away in embarassment. Egon glared at Ray who seemed violently sheepish now. Winston exuded subdued mirth.

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