Saturday, 12 December 2009

Cassette Fuck

A mystery that used to haunt Buddhists was whether or not a falling tree, absent of spectators, made any sound. Then tape recorders were invented and the enigma could finally be solved.
A tape recorder was left running near a bunch of precarious, weathered and brittle trees before a forecasted storm whilst. The Buddhists then absented themselves.
They collected the machine at dawn amidst splintered timbers. They ran back the tape and heard collapsing trees.
The next philosophical quandry proposed by one of the Buddhists was: is the tape recorder a sentient being? To this end a new experiment was proposed. One of the Buddhists would attempt to copulate with the machine.
The others watched solemnly as he disrobed and mashed his semi-erect penis against the grey plastic casing of the cheap device which had been procured at a local branch of Lidl.
After seven minutes the device was splattered with the flush faced man's semen and the findings were deemed inconclusive.

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