Saturday, 12 December 2009

The Simpering Fool

Carl Johnson's wife had an exceptionally tight box, an asset he insisted that she share with his friends. And so it was that he became a proud pimp or odious, unpalatable cuckold depending on how one regards the psychological imperative for his behaviour.
When Carl Johnson's father-in-law became aware of the situation, he was more exasperated than anything else. Not enraged, not horrified, not mortified or scandalised, merely scandalised. Like what the fuck is Johnson getting up to now? Johnson had a checkered history of undignified, eccentric behaviour and this was surely the supreme zenith of his crassness.
Carl Johnson's wife was co-operative, enthusiastic even. She received her husband's friends in their marital bed whilst her husband lingered in the doorway, listening intently to the noises of coitus, occasionally poking his head around the doorway for a tantalisingly gruesome and humiliating glimpse of his wife's defilement. He would sometimes murmur an obscene commentary to the sex act he was witnessing.

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