Saturday, 12 December 2009

The Electric Sadness of the Abstract Motherload

Bleary eyed men converged
in a small room
stalking the abstract motherload
in sweet pitiful silence
of the inherently flawed
fearless farting fathers
damp eyes beaming
jutted forward grinning
silent stares fixed
towards concrete night

We wait behind
reawaken smouldering sore
sighs slow in her fog
her mists waken us
oh pert pretty titties
oh slow sighing fathers of
cancelled grins
slow purple dawn
pert ghosts grinning and yawning
and grimacing with
the quiet hard-on which
murmurs bleak truths
in sweet pitiful silence
or semblances thereof

This furtive sect
of deflected sex
ends at concrete night
with timid black eyes
follow our bus
Amber lights pulsing
in savage electric winds
I cheated myself
of my 25th summer
Now winter dawns as
my dog's paw bleeds &
my mother cackles
at the TV drain
a vacuum of fog
muted bellows
shimmering soupy light
I recall the plight
of my cousins
and sisters
who each
in silence
waded to those lights
in infinite
concrete night
Oh yeh
my boner grows
& groans
my blisters
& seep
correct or

Another infinite dawn
to contend with
another blistering wave
of ennui amidst
chapels and smoke
& orange lights

My mother chuckles, relieved
at my failures
another dim kitchen
shadow opening soup cans
awaiting conclusions
like the pulse of:
the 21st century
a grimacing cripple
collide in a blend of dreamlike
autumnal fury
oh yeh
broken bleak plastic bastard
fog breaths in my fury
without trousers or hard-on
only a peaceful glint
of certain itch

Beware of the bleeding paw
of certain doom
arcade doom
sneakers & accolades
awaiting TV glory
or colour violence
in summer's electric pool
in summer's electric stream
in summer's American grin
in car
in mouth
in horse
in train
in cords of solidified dream ectoplasm
the infinite ludicrous machinations
of a hollow violent spectre
stalking grim dreamy sidewalks
fastened to choked concrete life
a sustenance without fury or flight
only plastic bowls nuzzled by melancholy
dogs. Only waves of semblances collecting robotic jizzum
on stifled shores. Only emerging cretins
with bleak saucer eyes
conducting their magic spells beneath ruined archways.
Only grass or wind have the right to breathe
all else must fuck until blue unless green
wait and scream
scream down at yer cereal
you serial, feral fuckwits
huff the honey jizz & fuck
her sweet ass
then collect
I needed a blowjob & received a parking ticket
I deserved a prize and was awarded despair
I crept through turmoil for the sake of brooding mechanical
semblances of animals
on turgid plains battered by howling, desolate
I needed to fuck but got drunk instead; the simmering
caustic, shimmering lights blurred
by the fervent pulse of mist
I needed to cry but giggled instead
& felt part of my soul detach and drift hellwards
my eyes weights or anchors in this mist
of heroless reality
I was sick & scared
so watched cartoons
& read books
until such times as I
required a new hard-on
or sought a new asshole
to placate
w/ stiff magic
& magic stiffness
& sticky joints
or other green chiming preperations
small billows of smoke
engulfed by the painted ceiling
where my hard-on is mused
by clear eyed death poets
for the alive gods of globule
sticky criteria
fired at an other eye
a cracked electric wintry eye
a bleak poet eye
besieged by wax grass
in mirror hallucinations so turgid

crippling criteria
stifling hysteria
crippled wolf grins
in perverse piss pants she died
clinging to buses without light
recorded smoke
in the abstract concrete night
on Spanish shores
in mystic doorways
in bleak hallways
of hospital taste
of medicine fuck
what the fuck
was I thinking
yet I decided
thick and stinking
sheep heap trash in our grinning hallways
furtive boners nudged to spurts of jizzum glory
timorous freaks simper, in trash
dream codex intercepted
sick and thinking
a pulsing alien heat
awakens glands and hard-ons
before majestic frivolty
before coded masturbation
signals stung armpits
& stifles wasp bitterness
in stifled cackles during
hallways of our dim new adulthood
we lit candles
in sumptuous stinking silence
of reverent & weird radio men
seeking abstract fragments
of the pulsating motherbrain
weird wires sick out foreskin brains

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