Saturday, 12 December 2009


I remember the prickly, parched feel of sunburn on my skin.
I remember his accusatory glare. I remember it was January 19th 1953. I remember I had predicted this whole scene in a dream early in 1944. I was an absent-minded teenager birds flutter across a slate sky 1932 ice universe.
I remember the warmth of the bed where I would stay all day. I remember my father's voice on the telephone in the next room, rising and falling in pitch and volume as he paced anxiously. I remember the easels set up beneath an orange sky at dawn. I remember languishing in the hot water a feeling of utter weariness a silent lamentation this was 1972. It was an abstract ice universe.
I remember his tactile penetration. Him was a furtive universe. Aching eyes echo we murmur street blood. It was a spook universe Finland 1984. Lifted the telephone receiver. Ritualistic gestures of an esoteric sect.
I remember art mirth. I remember idiot glee. The patter of rainfall on the black pond. We named the dog 1993. Pilfered medicine. I brandished theories and jokes. A sunburned planet.
Graham was screaming stuttering and grinding anguish a pale leaking summer day car journey. It was 1997. The plump swelling of her tits. Furtive animalistic desires on a summer day. Fleeting morals in a grey multiverse. Grinning in the forest.
Leering in existence.

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