Saturday, 12 December 2009

A Right Moronic Group of Wee Fucks

Here is the story I am writing here this is it ye are reading it. Shite, eh? Aye, so far mibby but we'll see how it goes, aye?
It's about a right moronic group of wee fucks. I'll just go ahead and list them and gie ye a wee description of each of them in turn, right?
Al- a sardonic, laconic, affable wee turd. Something sinister seeths beneath his benign demeanour. He is Austrlian.
Ray- a frivolous, fickle wee fag. Guileful, slightly pompous, effete.
Davie- a feckless, anxious man with artistic inclinations and sensibilities. Opinionated and cynical, at times to a caustic extent.
Jeremy- a pretentious, indolent, ridiculous diletantte. A keen sense of the absurd, much like his pal Davie. Naive and melancholy.

So these are the characters. What I've no figured out yet is the fuckin' plot man like how they all come to interact what's the script the scenario et cetera. How do they engage? What's the damn fuckin' story here boys? Nae cunt ken?

Al is clean shaven, works out daily, neatly trimmed hair, neat fitting clothes. Slightly garish, mundane mainstream fashion sense. Tanned skin. Blank seething enthusiasm. Monotonous self-loathing narcissitic psychopath.

Ray is an effete turd. His sister is a troubled whore. Ray is clean shaven, works out periodically, uses skin products. Garish mainstream fashion sense. Melancholy, aspirational in a fickle way.

Davie is simmering, brooding. Up-tight, self-deprecating. A keen sense of the absurd. Analytical, self-aware, measured. Vainglorious, stilted and bitter.

Jeremy is muddled, closed off, dishevelled, fairly idealistic. Artistic inclinations and sensibilites which are somehow thwarted. Bohemian affectations. Smeared eyes darting around laconically.

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